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Updated: Jul 10, 2019

These days, I pat myself on the back for waking up before 9am... However, I am not met with much self-applause in a given week due to either Netflix asking me, “Are you still there?” at 2am (yes) or NBA twitter causing me to refresh my feed every five minutes. Whether it be “The Office” for the 43rd night in a row or seeing Adrian Wojnarowski send down his signature “Woj Bomb” breaking the news of players being drafted or signed to new teams, these late night activities serve more as a metaphor of my current state in life rather than the sleep deprivation tactics they so clearly are.

“What metaphor?” you ask.

Unproductive, redundant, and frankly, BORING.

Don’t get me wrong. I would watch Michael Scott hypothetically kill Toby over Bin Laden and Hitler 10/10 if you put it in front of my face. The same could be said about watching the Knicks strike out on every major player they wanted this summer. The problem comes when I sit back a month and a half into what was supposed to be my “Summer of Self-Betterment” before entering the “real world” and seeing that I have nothing to show for it. 

Throughout college most of us were told to postpone the real world for as long as we could. 

“Get as late of a start date as you can so you can have one last summer before becoming a REAL adult,” said parents, advisors, the random old guy at the bar you kept trying to get out of conversation with while he relives “the glory days”.

So I did exactly what I was advised to do. Landed a job where I start working over three months after receiving the long sought-after piece of paper with my name written all fancy and what not on it. 

And until that start date, I reside in Post-Grad Purgatory. The inbetween of my last night out with friends on graduation night and my first day on the job. Only difference between this purgatory vs religious purgatory is that mine at least has an end date.

....and I will most likely create more sins than cleanse myself of them before it’s time to move on to “the next life”.

But once again, Job Rob isn’t here yet, and if you’re like me, you did a real piss-poor job planning for what the hell you were going to do in the time leading up.


Just like a New Year’s resolution, I had high hopes for my first summer off after previous ones spent with internships and working UGA Football camps. With all this newly allotted free time, I told myself I was going to start working out more (unoriginal), read more books (I haven’t read for pleasure since 6th grade), and learn an instrument (last full song I played was in elementary school steel drum band). As you can see, a foundation for success in these three goals was as absent as I was in my 9:05am lecture the last two semesters of college.

As a result, I am past the halfway point in the highly anticipated “Summer of Self-Betterment” with not much to hang my hat on. Instead of filling my days with push-ups, paperbacks, and piano, I have indulged in sleeping in, starting tasks “tomorrow”, and screaming at NBA2K19 (it’s the game’s fault, not mine). If this were actual Purgatory, I would have a guaranteed myself an extended stay and most likely became a rewards member at whatever Motel 6 equivalent resides in the life in-between. 

The only decent thing I’ve done repetitively is see John Wick 3 twice in theatres. Truly amazing movie. Thank you, Keanu. Okay back to the point. I’ve woken up everyday and felt a sense that I was was being beat in the realm of free time by everyone around me. I was running maybe twice a week, I read the prologue of a book I got five months ago, and I can now play the first 6 seconds of “Mercy” by Brett Young on piano. 

Meanwhile, seemingly all my friends are either in Europe, running 5k’s, or saving babies from burning buildings. They are clearly prepping and purifying themselves for life after this purgatory while I just “like” their status updates confirming they’re beating me.  

Not here asking for pity in Purgatory, though. I know my actions and mine alone have caused an ill-prepared summer leading up to my big move out west. I say all of this because it is finally time to put my money where my mouth is. Time to be productive. Time to hang my hat on something I’ll be able to point to for not just this summer, but for life after Post-Grad Purgatory.

I, as well as many others, refuse to begin things due to others beating me to the punch. Everyone knows someone who got into social media or podcasting early on. These “influencers” are living the easy and, many times, lucrative life that most of us envy. But instead of saying, “I’m going to try that” or “Let me begin my own brand”, most people dismiss the idea because they “should’ve started in high school like everyone else”. To hell with that. I’m tired of feeling late to the party, or dare I say it, five minutes out from producing something meaningful and capable of entertaining an audience. And I hope this platform motivates anyone who has ever felt the same way.

Having recorded the first four episodes of my podcast “I Have a Degree” has left me wanting more in the world of content and creativity. I didn’t know which direction to go in to follow this urge, but then it dawned on me in an enlightening (and somewhat arrogant) manner. 

I like to talk. More specifically, I like when other people hear me talk. Whether that be through podcasts or the written word, I am finally committed to creating a brand that defines me and the masses of people who are also five minutes out.

On this site, I’ll be posting my podcast episodes and weekly blogs on whatever I feel like writing about while trying to get others to express their thoughts and opinions through this medium as well. I’m extremely excited to go balls-to-the-wall in a new direction of creativity,

and I hope you all are willing to show up late with me.

Not everyone leaves Purgatory at the same time.

Most of us are five minutes out.

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